Director of Marketing and Communications

Reports to: Senior Pastor Effective Date:
Directly Supervises: None
Status: Part-time (24-30 hours per week)
FLSA: Hourly, Non-Exempt

Job Summary

Essential Functions

  • Publish worship materials, church newsletter, and other communication documents as needed.
  • Create, publish, and maintain digital communication and marketing.
  • Support administrative functions of pastoral and program staff.
  • Greet office visitors, answer phones, and respond to e-mail.
  • Research, support, and maintain church programs and initiatives.
  • Maintain social media as assigned.
  • Manage physical office space, office supplies, and office equipment.
  • Revise and update procedure manual to reflect on-going method of organizing and completing tasks.
  • Organize calendars in coherent, accessible manner.

Other Responsibilities
Support staff meetings.

Minimum Qualifications
Advanced competency in variety of computer programs (eg. MSOffice Suite; Google Apps; WordPress; Adobe In Design; Elexio Database Suite; current and developing Apps to support, develop, and improve digital communication and marketing).

Physical Requirements
Ability to use computers, answer phones, and organize office supplies.

Core Competencies

Mission Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of church mission and development. Supports pastoral initiatives and leadership vision.

Teamwork: Works cooperatively with pastor, program staff, support staff, boards, and congregation toward accomplishing shared goals. Actively and creatively contributes strengths toward project goals. Supports teamwork in actions and communications. Inspires others through a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. Encourages others to sustain interest and involvement to successfully complete projects and goals.

Congregational Support: Supports life and activities of congregation. Provides information necessary for making decisions and supports decisions in timely manner.

Communication Skills: Fosters direct, accurate, and clear communication with pastor, program staff, support staff, boards, and congregation regarding issues of concern and cooperation. Initiates communication necessary to inform pastor, program staff, support staff, boards, and congregation regarding office operations and congregational life. Responds to communications in complete and timely manner.

Time Management: Manages time so as to coordinate with the needs of church. Maintains regular work schedule.

Active Engagement: Actively engages in job duties, initiating communication and providing information as needed by pastor, program staff, support staff, boards, and congregation. Solves problems with creativity and sees projects through to completion.
Innovation: Seeks to innovate and improve office functioning and communication and marketing tools and strategies. Looks for ways to save money and time or to improve quality of work. Responds creatively to new demands as they arise and seeks to improve customary procedures.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Adjusts to ongoing changes. Flexes to meet needs of pastor, program staff, support staff, boards, and congregation and willingly implements innovations.

Professionalism: Maintains professional demeanor with congregation at all times. Maintains clear boundaries between staff and congregation. Communicates positive outlook to congregation regarding workplace.

To apply fill out Employment Application Form and send Cover Letter and Resume to by January 5th, 2017. Printable version of job description here.

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