Overview: Elexio has updated its software to a web-based system. This is a good change–especially for those wise souls who use MacOS. 🙂  We have time to experiment with the new software before we convert to it and turn off the old software.  Each member of staff is required to learn how to use the new software system generally, and to become an expert for specific, ministry application areas.

Deadline Timeline: Your cooperation and diligence will ensure that we can work individually and at our own pace, meeting deadlines, rather than hiring a coach and creating a time-specific training schedule.  

  • Staff Training: 11/27 – 12/31
  • Convert to New Software: 1/1
  • Data Current as of Nov. 21, 12:00pm

Resources: You have been subscribed the Google Group Elexio@fccmoline.org.  This group will be used for important communications requiring action and responses from you.  This page will be updated as we progress with our training.  Below, please find essential links to be bookmarked in your browser, and a phone phone number to call for help (the help offered is very good, for which we pay a significant fee: use it).

Requirements: Items below refer to main training areas of Elexio Community. Due date for completion are listed.  The list of requirements will develop as we progress.

  • All Staff: 
    • Assignment: Overview, Search, People, Groups, Interactions
    • Due Date: Monday, December 4th.
  • Office Support Staff:
  • Ministry Staff:
  • Other Notes: