Early Childhood Teacher (3 year old focus)

Red Wagon Preschool and Day Care Early Childhood Teachers (Focus on 3 year olds)

Reports to:  Red Wagon Director       Effective Date: August 14, 2017

Directly Supervises: Early Childhood Teacher’s Assistant

Status:  Full Time

FLSA:  Hourly, Non-Exempt

Starting Wage: $12.75

Job Summary

A three year old teacher is responsible for his/her own class of children who begin the school year as three year olds and complete the school year as four year olds. He/she oversees the organizing, planning and implementation of foundationial skills, academic, social or other that children of this age will acquire. He/she interacts regularly with the parents of Red Wagon students.

Teacher Responsibilities includes, but are not limited to:

• Planning for his/her class of children within the established “Themes of the Week.”
• Cleaning duties on a regular rotation.
• Assisting children in the bathrooms.
• Assisting children at nap time.
• Be vigilant in monitoring children to ensure everyone’s safety.

Preschool Teacher Tasks

• Plotting acquisition of skills in a horizontal fashion, building on each skill’s foundation. These are acquired within our “Themes of the Week” schedule.
• Preparing art projects to accompany skills and/or “Themes of the Week.”
• Move with his/her children throughout the morning routine, developed by him/her, within the overall Red Wagon schedule.
• Eat with his/her class Family Style.
• After lunch cleaning on a regular rotation. After breakfast or afternoon snack cleaning on a regular rotation.
• Monitoring and assisting children in the bathrooms at various and designated times.
• Assisting children into sleep/rest at nap time.
• Assist with breakfast/lunch/afternoon snack preparation, on a scheduled rotation.
• Monitoring children during indoor/outdoor free play time.
• Assisting co-workers with their students in the event that aid is clearly needed and desired.

Minimum Qualifications

Illinois State requires that the candidates be at least 19 years old and an A.A. Degree in Early Childhood Education, or the equivalent as defined by Illinois law. Red Wagon requires a B.S. Degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education; or a A.A. Degree in Early Childhood Education; or completion of an accredited American Montessori Society of Association Montessori International training program.

Good communications skills are essential as this position requires working closely with co-workers, children, parents, and the Director.


To apply fill out Employment Application Form and send Cover Letter and Resume to Employment@fccmoline.org by July 28, 2017.

Application Process for Early Childhood Teacher’s Assistant may be found here


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