New Members

Seeking. Serving. Sharing Christ.

At FCC we believe that Christ is revealed to us in the seeking.  For us, openness is a spiritual practice–we remain prayerfully open to the Spirit, learning as we go, trusting in good times and in bad, looking for Christ in those we love and in those with whom we struggle.

We believe that we are called to serve Christ.  We are thankful to God for the honor of serving Christ, for in service we find our purpose and meaning of life and discover our truest joy.
We believe that Christ is a gift to be shared.  We look for ways to share wholeheartedly with others outside of our comfort and beyond our control.

We can’t wait to meet you

We at First Congregational Church invite you to help us seek, serve and share Christ, for we believe that the more diverse we are as a congregation, the richer will be our experience of Christ.

We’re glad you’re here.