Ash Wednesday Service

Join us Wednesday February 17th at 6 pm on FCCLive for Ash Wednesday service.

2021 Lenten Worship

Join us Sundays at 10 am on FCCLive for Lenten worship.

2021 Easter Lilies

You can order an Easter Lily in memoriam of a loved one for Easter Sunday! Easter lilies will adorn the church Sanctuary on Easter Sunday, April 4th.

Lenten Devotional

If you did not receive a Lenten Devotional in the mail by February 21st, 2021, please contact the church office.

2021 Lenten Family Resources

Click the link above to view the family/children resources for Lent.

Holy Week at FCC

Holy Thursday 6 pm
Good Friday 6 pm
Easter Sunday 10 am

Greetings to you in the name of our brother Jesus and our God who loves us beyond measure.  

It feels impossible that we are beginning yet another liturgical season away from each other.  As Covid drags on and we struggle with isolation, depression and general uncertainty, Lent comes to us like a warm blanket, offering warmth, familiarity and comfort.  Perhaps we have never needed this season like we do now.  Lent offers us a time to slow down and let ourselves feel the heaviness of our lives, but not only that.  Lent offers us a way through.  Lent offers us the very real truth of a God who has not forgotten us, who continues to hear our voice and who, again and again, offers us healing and restoration and peace.

This is the God of Lent.  And this God is inviting us, again and again, to come home.

In order to aid all of our families in their own Lenten journey toward healing and hope, the staff are pleased to offer you the enclosed Lenten Devotional.  To support you and your family in your own sacred time during Lent, this devotional provides prayer, poetry, art and reflections designed to strengthen and stretch you, shaping you into a more faithful disciple.

We offer this devotional to you in lieu of formal weeknight services during Lent. Our hope is for you to gather together on your own schedule and at your own pace to share the wisdom and hope this devotional provides.  And we hope that you will be further encouraged to join us for worship on Sundays – whatever form that may take as Lent unfolds.

So, let us join together while apart, proclaiming loudly yet muted by distance, the love of this God, our God, who is calling us again and again.  I pray you answer that invitation with a few hours each week so that when Easter does come again, we are ready to cry out “Hallelujah” for the ways God has become more real to us during Lent (and on that note, you will find also enclosed an envelope through which you may support in memoriam, lilies for the sanctuary on Easter Sunday).

This Lent, may God’s steadfast love cradle our laments.  May God’s grace wash over our weariness.  And may we bring all of who we are to God – trusting that God will meet us, time and again, along the way.

Pastor Becky

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