Dear Church Members and Friends,

Sunday, November 8, will be our Stewardship Sunday here at First Congregational Church. On this Sunday we will receive the Estimate of Giving response forms for next year along with the Time and Talent survey. Through these documents we will be indicating our intentions to make a constructive difference in the life of our church. Please make every effort to complete these forms and mail them to the church office. They will be presented and blessed on November 8, 2020. Our theme this year is Opening Doors to Faith. You can also fill out the pledge card & Time Talent survey online by clicking the links below. 

Time and Talent Survey

Sharing time and talent is a witness to our faithfulness even in difficult times.

Online Estimate of Giving Card

Our financial giving is a witness to our faithfulness even in difficult times. It supports this local church as well as the ministry of the United Church of Christ.

Give Online

You can set up online giving connected to your Elexio Church Account!

Please consider prayerfully what you are able to do in 2021. We believe that God has given to us in great abundance and asks us to be open in response.

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